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In case you haven't noticed...

I'm just not using Live Journal. The only time I come back here is to delete spam comments that have been posted so I'm going to be retiring this. Come find me on Facebook, or via



Well it has been a while hasn't it?

Too much information, not enough time!

So Chad and I packed up and moved to North Carolina in the hopes that the crash hadn't hit as badly there. It hadn't, but the area just didn't *click* for us so we continued our search. Last August a job came up for Chad in DC that was an incredible fit - plus we have friends there who have a mother-in-law apartment and were willing to put us up for however long it would take me to get a job as well (housing being similar in cost the Bay Area we both need to be working to make it work). So in October we closed out our place in NC and moved up here.

We're staying in Springfield right now, though will probably be looking for a place of our own more northwest than here (as Chad's company is looking to move to Chantilly, and I'd like to be closer to a Metro line for ease of getting into DC).

Re-enactors seek young troops to fill their boots - Local/State -

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It's good to see the SCA as an organization admit that it's getting old and needs to refresh its ranks. I've seen too many "young people" turned off by the "if you can't do it right don't do it at all" attitude that seems to develop after you've done this hobby for as long as some folks have (or for that matter any hobby, but it's this one that I care about!)
"Pete, being the highly logical, calculating person he is, rejects all of that as superstitious nonsense.
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Part of why I love the internet

So I was trying to discover what a specific capacitor that has failed in my monitor actually does - and in my search ran across a blog at: (though sadly not the answer to my question.)

I decided this part needed to be shared...

Ambiguous Philosophy

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I'm not sure whether to be proud or scared...but if nothing else I was happy to be air-conditioned!

Flickr MeMe

For the Dew! Um...Horde!

RIP Sampson

Late last night Sampson passed on.
RIP old friend
1995? - 2009

Stanley Cup background

So I've been enjoying the options for Stanley Cup backgrounds, but none of them *quite* worked for here are a few more options.
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